Top 5 Places to View the Eclipse in the US

Great article and insights in the Detroit Free Press – our neighbor Wyoming friends in Casper often take the title of being the top places to view – coming in just behind tiny Madras, OR.

‘This picture combination shows the stages of the solar eclipse over the Mandelbach valley near Saarbruecken, western Germany, Wednesday, Aug. 11, 1999. The chronological order begins at left and culminates in the total eclipse on the picture in center. Photos were taken with a 600 mm lens.‘ (Photo: BECKER&BREDEL, Associated Press)

“After you see your first total solar eclipse, a common reaction is that a person is smitten, and they want to see another,” he said.  “There’s a cadre of dedicated eclipse chasers all around the world. Thousands of people who will travel to see any eclipse that they can reasonably get to. It’s a very addictive thing. Many eclipse chasers will be born this August.”

Reading more from Great American Eclipse founder enlightens for getting inside the mind of an eclipse enthusiast and ‘chaser’ and suggests we can anticipate seeing a good portion of these folks this August here in the Tetons.