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Hi there! We hope you are enjoying browsing through this website, getting more information about solar eclipses, engaging with teens from different parts of the world on the topic, and so on.

Solar Eclipses | people

This website was specifically created for teens and also maintained by teens who are very much interested in solar eclipses. We hope that we have also gotten you interested in it. This website contains a lot of information that was compiled by teens who are doing their own studies and really interacting with a lot of experts in the field of solar eclipse science.

We feel that it is very important to continue this specific study. You see, we should always take each solar eclipse phenomenon as an important opportunity to study the Sun. This is because during a solar eclipse, the lunar shadow is able to show the sun’s corona especially its inner and middle parts, offering data that will not otherwise be available at any different time.

We have made all the data taken during different solar eclipses in this website. We hope that it will interest you especially in the study of sun spots, geomagnetic storms, vulcanoids, and so on.

This website also aims to really get teens interested in the study of space phenomena and not just about eclipses. You see, not a lot of teens and youth engage in this anymore. Thus, we really want to pique their interest and get them interested so that more people will pursue careers and studies related to space phenomena in the future. Plus, the fact that this website is run by teens and maintained by teens will hopefully make it more exciting for other young people to get interested in this study and be more engaged.

We sincerely hope that you continue to visit and engage with this website. Thank you!