Awareness Event Coming to Jackson

Monday, April 10, 2017 | 7 pm at Wyoming Stargazing Office

1085 W. Highway 22, Unit 1111, Jackson WY

Join this Multiverse at UC Berkeley and Google Making & Science Sponsored Town Hall Meeting to learn about an exciting citizen science project, Eclipse Megamovie.  Jackson Hole’s prime location for the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse brings the possibility to participate in an extraordinary compilation of data via crowdsourcing.  Sponsored by:

Multiverse at UC Berkeley

Google Making & Science

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From Berkeley Multiverse: 

Goals of Town Hall:

1. Promote awareness of the 2017 total solar eclipse

2. Educate about the science of a total solar eclipse

3. Share eclipse activities (including Megamovie) that people can participate in from now until the eclipse

4. Share easily accessible resources about the eclipse (for educators and the general public alike)

5. Allow people to ask questions about the eclipse, and voice potential concerns (for instance about the number of out-of-town visitors that are expected).

6. Allow civic leaders and public service providers (especially those representing health and safety) to address the public’s questions and concerns about the eclipse and out-of-town visitors.

7. Find potential partners and other allies interested in possible collaborations leading up to and during the actual eclipse event in August 2017 (dependent upon available funding).
About Google Making & Science:

Google wants to inspire the next generation of scientists and makers by helping them develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. Through its Making & Science Initiative, Google will be working with Multiverse on the Megamovie project, as well as working with educators and nonprofits around the country.