Teton Eclipse Releases Manual for Information and Decision Making


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Teton Eclipse Team Releases Comprehensive Eclipse Manual

Jackson, WY, August 1, 2017 – Multiple local coordinating agencies released an Eclipse Community Operations Manual today, providing a single source of information related to eclipse preparation, safety, viewing, and a host of other topics.

Bridger-Teton National Forest, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole Airport, the National Elk Refuge, Teton County, the Town of Jackson, and Teton Village all provided information, regulations, and plans for the Total Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017. The manual contains information and tips for residents, visitors, and businesses designed to assist with planning and preparing for this upcoming community event.

“The collective goal of the coordinating local agencies is to realize a safe and positive community experience during this once-in-a-lifetime eclipse event,” said Kathryn Brackenridge, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Special Event Coordinator contracted by the Teton County and the Town of Jackson.

“In the face of a rare and extraordinary event, it’s been remarkable to see emergency planners, businesses and residents embrace this opportunity to welcome visitors from all over the globe to our smaller and special community.”

“A good, quick take-away from the larger scope of the manual’s message is something we’ve gathered from other communities located on the path of totality: arrive early, stay put, and leave late,” Brackenridge continued. “We hope our community uses the manual to help inform and drive good decisions for everyone during the Total Solar Eclipse.”

The Teton Solar Eclipse Community Operations Manual is posted on www.tetoneclipse.com, which provides a single source for all local information related to the upcoming eclipse. Residents, visitors, and businesses are all encouraged to visit the site frequently for the most up-to-date information related to eclipse preparation, solar viewing and eye safety, designated public viewing areas and additional essentials.


Locals: Eclipse Volunteering Needs | First Responder Food Donations

Via our VOAD partners at Hole Food Rescue – with gratitude.
Hello JH Community,
We are 21 days away from the infamous Total Solar Eclipse and VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster) is working hard to ensure all the incoming and local first responders that will be on duty during the eclipse weekend are properly fed. 
We are looking for nonperishable snack and gatorade donations for first responders and volunteers. There will be over 180 people working around the clock to keep our community safe during the long weekend. 
Examples of nonperishable snack items: Nuts, Raisins, Granola Bars, Trail Mix, Crackers, Chips, Beef Jerky, gatorade, etc.
Please drop off any donations to:
  • Town Hall (150 E. Pearl) – 8am-5pm, Monday – Friday
  • A donation box will also be placed outside the front door for after hours deliveries. 
Please contact me with any questions, THANK YOU!!
Ali Dunford
Co-Executive Director 
Hole Food Rescue
Hole Food Rescue
1524 Martin Ln. Unit B
PO Box 2955
Jackson, WY 83001

Bridger-Teton National Forest Adds New Information Stations During Eclipse

Be sure to consult tetoneclipse.com/maps for the newly listed 9 additional information stations.

Teton Eclipse FAQ’s Downloadable & Printable Document

Small, downloadable, printable, essentials. Perfect for your fridge, employee kitchen/lounge or other area and a helpful compendium for guests as well. 



Jackson Hole Total Solar Eclipse | National Elk Refuge | Partner Spotlight

The 2017 Solar Eclipse Across America will be visible on August 21, 2017 across the continental United States. The center-line of the solar eclipse will pass through the Jackson Hole valley, placing it in the path of totality.

Visitation to the area is expected to be record-setting for single day visitation. Area lodging is already booked, and few, if any, campsites will be available on the day of the eclipse.

During the eclipse, visitors are asked to ensure a successful day by respecting area resources, respecting private property and all signage, following all temporary routes and restrictions, packing out all litter, and prioritizing safety for people, wildlife, and habitat.

Refuge Specific Regulations

It will be business as usual during the eclipse, with the same regulations in effect during the period preceding, during, and after the eclipse. The only change in regulations will be the closure of fishing access on August 21 only.

Note the following year-round regulations that will also be in place during the eclipse:

National Elk Refuge access is restricted to open public roads and trails designated as “authorized routes.” All other foot, vehicle, bicycle, and horse travel is prohibited. This includes travel between the Refuge and adjacent National Forest lands. You must be on an authorized route at all times while within the Refuge boundary.

Visitor use is not allowed on the Refuge between legal sunset and sunrise, other than vehicle traffic on the road to a designated location. Overnight parking on the Refuge Road is not allowed.

More information on Refuge access routes and restrictions can be found on the Rules and Regulations tab of the National Elk Refuge web site.

Eclipse Times | Summer Volume II

Extra, extra from Teton Eclipse land…

Eclipse News V2 Summer 2017, downloadable, printable, and available around town. 



TONIGHT! Final in a series since first- launched in March, 2017

AND Live in Teton County, ID or Alta, WY? Be sure to save the date for an August 2 evening at the Alta branch of Teton County Library with Teton County Emergency Management’s Rich Ochs and other planners (TBA). 6-8 pm.

JULY 17, 2017 6:00 – 8:00 pm

From Teton County Parks & Recreation:

The first Total Solar Eclipse to visit the U.S. in 38 years will occur on Monday, August 21, 2017.  Jackson Hole could offer one of the best places in the nation to view the total eclipse.  If skies are clear, the eclipse promises to be a spectacular astronomical event.  Samuel Singer, Executive Director of Wyoming Stargazing, will explore:  the documented history of solar eclipses and the science behind solar eclipses.

Public safety agencies have been planning since 2015 for the Total Solar Eclipse.  One issue that has come up is increasing community resilience to help limited public safety resources cope with the surge in visitors.  Businesses, residents and community organizations all need to be aware of the magnitude of this event and prepare accordingly.  Rich Ochs from Teton County Emergency Management will discuss our public safety planning efforts, issues the community may face, and simple steps locals can take to best prepare for this once in a lifetime event.

This program is offered in collaboration with Wyoming Stargazing, Teton County Emergency Management, Teton County Library and Teton County/Jackson Parks and Recreation.

Bridger-Teton National Forest Eclipse Interactive Map

Hot Off The Presses!

Bridger-Teton National Forest Releases Eclipse Interactive Map

Jackson Hole Total Solar Eclipse | Bridger-Teton National Forest | Partner Spotlight

As our friends at the Forest Service like to say – “It’s All Yours” and it is certainly with that spirit that they and we proudly share this incredible tool for totality exploration either for planning or engaging from your home far away from the line of totality. Have at it- #itsallyours!

Welcome to the Bridger-Teton National Forest!  On Monday, August 21, 2017 we will be experiencing a Total Solar Eclipse as it passes over a large portion of the forest.  We would love for you to come join us and experience this phenomena during the summer of 2017.  The main areas that will see a full view of the eclipse are: the surrounding Jackson Hole Area from the northern part of Jackson Lake down to the Hoback River Corridor and Snake River Corridor and most of the Wind River Range will be in full coverage.

While visiting the Bridger-Teton National Forest we would like you to be aware that the surrounding area is going to be extremely busy with many visitors.  August is already a busy time of year for the area, but this once in a lifetime event for the area will have visitors from around the world coming to see the Eclipse.

Planning your visit: With the large amounts of visitors coming to the Bridger-Teton National Forest we suggest you have a plan before you show up.  Finding out where you want to stay.  What amenities are available in that area?  Where do you want to see the eclipse from?  Try to bring all the food and water you’ll need with you due to limited parking and difficult travel into town.

Visit our web page to find more helpful information on the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Jackson Hole Airport Eclipse: Getting In & Out of JAC | Everything You Need to Know

The Jackson Hole Airport is just minutes from town and offers many direct and connecting flights provided by Delta, United, American, Frontier, and Skywest Airlines.

Check out the Jackson Hole Airport’s Solar Eclipse Guide here.

JAC General Aviation Eclipse Tips

Jackson Hole Airport: Eclipse FAQ

  1. Will the airport be open on the day of the Eclipse?

Yes, the Jackson Hole Airport will remain operational during the eclipse for the traveling public.

  1. Can I pay for parking and park to view the Eclipse from Airport Public Parking?

No, parking and terminal access will be restricted to people using the Airport for official business or to pick/up drop off customers for their flights.

  1. Will my flight be impacted by the Eclipse?

The Airport may suspend airside operations for a half hour before totality and a half hour after totality. Impact to departure and arrival times for commercial aircraft should be minimal.

  1. What if traffic congestion causes me to be late for my flight?

The Airport encourages everyone to arrive at the airport 2 hours before their flight time. Due to predicted congestion, we are suggesting visitors and locals to consider allowing additional time to travel to/from the Airport on the day of the Eclipse. Commercial aircraft will not be held for late passengers.

  1. Any impacts if I am flying on a private aircraft?

We do expect a high traffic volume before and after the Eclipse and have limited ramp space. Please contact Jackson Hole Aviation as they have a reservation system in place for this period.



For additional questions, please contact Director of Operations, Dustin Havel by calling (307)-733-7695 or emailing dustin.havel@jhjairport.org

Download: JAC Eclipse FAQ

Jackson Hole Total Solar Eclipse | Grand Teton National Park | Partner Spotlight

Jackson Hole Total Solar Eclipse | Grand Teton National Park | Partner Spotlight

Mark your calendar to attend Grand Teton National Park’s 2017 Solar Eclipse Across America Speaker Series. 

The 2017 Solar Eclipse Across America will be visible on August 21, 2017 across the continental United States. The center-line of the solar eclipse will pass over Grand Teton National Park placing it in the path of totality. Visitors will experience the moon’s shadow rushing toward them with the Teton Range backdrop. The mid-day darkness is stunning and the sun’s corona is awe-inspiring—observed only during the brief totality.

Grand Teton is anticipating its busiest day ever. On eclipse day, the park will alter traffic flow and parking to accommodate eclipse viewers and maintain safe access. The park will designate viewing areas where rangers will be on hand. Detailed event information will be available on this web page in the future. Area lodging is already booked. All park campgrounds operate on a first-come, first-served basis and have stay limits. Few if any campsites will be available on the day of the eclipse. Backcountry permits will be extremely limited due to high demand. During the eclipse event please help us ensure a successful day by respecting park resources, following all temporary routes and packing out all litter.