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What is Solar Eclipse Science?

Solar Eclipse Science is a website dedicated to providing all information and resources on the study of solar eclipses all over the world. It is a website that was started by teenagers in Wisconsin and continue to be operated by teenagers.

What is the purpose of Solar Eclipse Science?

The purpose of this website is simply to make the study of solar eclipses exciting for young people like us. This is because we have realized that not a lot of young people continue to be interested in solar eclipses. We want to show them how fun and interesting it is as we hope to build a community of youths who will be intrigued and interested in pursuing a career in science or the study of space and solar system in the future.

How did Solar Eclipse Science start?

Solar Eclipse Science had a very humble start. A young man named Tom James was very much interested in solar eclipses and he also had a group of friends who were also interested in the same study. They did a lot of research and studies on the issue that when Tom’s father saw it, he was convinced that they teenagers need to upload it on a website for other teenagers and even those working on the field to benefit from.

What can I expect to see in this website in the future?

You should expect a lot of studies and more information. We also plan to put up materials that will make it easy and interesting for people to read our resources. These include videos, infographics, podcasts and more.