Let’s Study Solar Eclipses

Hello there! Are you interested in studying wonderful natural phenomena? If yes, we do hope that you are interested in solar eclipses because this is the natural phenomena that we are dealing with.

A solar eclipse is a very rare phenomenon. It refers to that particular moment when the moon passes in the direct path of the Earth and the sun, thus blocking out the light of the sun. This particular event has fascinated people for centuries. In fact, the first record of a solar eclipse was taken as early as 5,000 years ago. In 500 B.C., it is said that Greek philosophers started studying solar eclipses and that in 425 B.C., the Babylonians were already predicting them. The early people told myths about eclipses and throughout the centuries, its occurrences have continued to mystify humans.

It is for this reason that this website has been created. The entire point was to talk about eclipses, why it is important to study them and why people should continue to be awed with its occurrences.

Solar Eclipse Science was started in 2000, by a teenager named Tom James. He was simply very much interested in eclipses and thus, convinced his parents to convert their garage with a glass garage door manufactured by A1 Garage Door Milwaukee into a study area for him and his friends who were also very much into studying the phenomena. With that, our Denver garage door springs also had to be adjusted due to the difference in the weight of the door, the timing was perfect. Tom James’ dad realized how much information and data his son and his friends were able to record. As such, he created this website for them to record all of their observations and share it to the world.

As such, this website has become a haven for like-minded teens to connect and share with each other their studies and fascination with solar eclipses. Feel free to browse this website for information.

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We have a lot of resources that you can find here about solar eclipses. You may want to check about records of eclipses from different centuries, the observations of scientists and regular people, the scientific findings that are connected to solar eclipses and so on. Just look for the information you need on the resources tab. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you look for the information you need.

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Here we provide news about schedules of the next eclipses and other information we can get from around the world that is connected to this phenomenon. Feel free to explore this tab and get updated on what’s the latest in terms of eclipse news.


We have a very lively forum section where teens connect with each other and engage on specific topics about eclipses. One in a while, we get experts to hold forum sessions online so they can answer your questions about eclipses. We often invite the leading experts in the field to do this on a regular basis.