Meet the newest addition to the Lucky Local lineup. Her lucky Mom designed the Local graphic & more!

Eclipse Baby (almost!): Siena James Davis joined the world on August 15, 2017 in Jackson, Wyoming

Name: Siena James Davis, daughter of Mad Heart Media’s Alexa MacDonald

Age: 5 Days Old

(Siena was born at St.John’s Medical Center’s beautiful Birthing Center overlooking the National Elk Refuge)

Weight: 9 lbs. 10 oz.

Hometown: Jackson, WY

Siena’s Eclipse Plans: She is going to have a white Russian cocktail on the deck of her downtown Jackson penthouse.

On this August 20 in the Tetons, we would like to thank the woman behind this lil’ wee lucky local – her mother – Alexa MacDonald for her vast creative contributions, hard work and generosity in producing the beautiful Teton Eclipse design that is at the core of communications and messaging.

Name: Alexa Macdonald

Hometown: Boston, MA

Moved to Jackson: 2008

Best Pre-Eclipse Moment: Having Siena

Worst Pre-Eclipse Moment: Stressing about the eclipse & worrying that the Survival Guides wouldn’t arrive on-time…(enter the Duffel Donkey– see below)

Weirdest Pre-Eclipse Moment: Current sense of calm in town

TSE Pocket Guides Arrived One Day After Siena’s Arrival

Eclipse Creative Highlight: Producing the pocket guide with KB!



Pocket Guides Were Hauled By Hand From Printer in Montana by The Duffel Donkey (aka Siena’s Dad, Marshall’s company)









Total Community Event Poster for May 24, 2017 Eclipse Prep for Businesses, Individuals & Non-Profits

Eclipse Press: Volumes I & II (Spring & Summer, 2017)