LOCALS: Things Are Looking Up

Next time you’re avoiding the Town Square ‘cus you think it’s too crowded- (gasp! we kidd…) No really, the next time you’re in or around the town square, adjust that gaze and look upward. Not only is it a great time to practice your eclipse-viewing, neck-crank pose (GLASSES!), but rather, and perhaps more importantly, it’s a chance to take a minute to stop, look up and admire some beautiful, and celebratory local art.

Thanks to the spirit and generosity of Rachel Kunkle-Hartz, a dozen of downtown Jackson’s lampposts are graced with banners replicating an original oil-on-wood panel painting of the artist’s interpretation and imaginings of a total solar eclipse. Having never personally witnessed the celestial event, Kunle-Hartz, a longtime Wilson, WY resident and active member of both the art and emergency services communities, drew inspiration from a rich history eclipse art dating back to as early as 3340 BC.

Check back for more about Rachel Kunkle- Hartz and the other creatives who helped get this piece literally off the ground including Alexa Macdonald with Mad Heart Media and local photographer Tuck Fauntleroy. In keeping with and authentic allegiance to keeping it classic, Kunkle-Hartz does not have an online presence but this community can look for her art at an upcoming, post-eclipse September art show at a soon-announced location.