Lucky Locals | It’s Jackson’s Lucky Day

Top o’ the mornin’ from the Town of Jackson and Teton County, WY. Perhaps you’ve come to this temporary website to understand a little more about this “Lucky Local” stuff you’ve seen around town?

As the first known documented Total Solar Eclipse took place in Ireland in 3340 BC,  on St. Patrick’s Day in America,  it seems great time to kick off the conversation about what it means to be a local during a total solar eclipse. Are we lucky to be on the path of totality here in the Tetons? How will we deal with the anticipated uptick of visitors knowing that hotels have been sold out for months and maybe even years in advance? How lucky is Jackson and Teton County in fact? Eclipse enthusiasts certainly categorize anyone lucky enough to be on the path of totality as a lucky local.

Perhaps it’s all about perspective? Try your luck at learning more about the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017. The natural phenomenon is coming to the Tetons this summer. Don’t press your luck by not understanding the awesome event and what to expect. Here’s a great local safety guide to being prepared for Jackson’s Lucky Day.