Deadline to Submit Special Eclipse Event Permit

Teton Board of County Commissionersapproved the 70- Day Rule for the time period surrounding the eclipse for County special events permits. The standard policy for County special events is that they must be received at least 15 days prior to the event. This rule will require that special events permits must be submitted at least 70 days prior to the event. The Sheriff’s Office is the primary recipient of special events permits, so they will have to enforce this rule, but all parties that review permits should know this from a planning standpoint as well.

The time period that this resolution impacts are special events that take place between August 16, 2017 through August 23, 2017. This means that for this period of time, special events permits must be received by the Teton County Sheriff’s Office by June 7th, 2017 through June 14th, 2017 accordingly.

This is for County special events only. The Town of Jackson implemented their own exception to their special events rule that requires 90 day notice, so theirs is a bit more strict than the County. That deadline is May 23, 2017.