Path of Totality Jackson, Wyoming Total Solar Eclipse

Since there hasn’t been a Total Solar Eclipse in the United States in 38 years, let alone one of the magnitude the 2017 Great American Eclipse presents,  experience and understanding of the science and terms can be somewhat confusing to the everyday citizen. Sure, maybe umbraphiles know what terms like the ‘totality’ and ‘centerline’ mean, but for the rest of us, there’s plenty of room for curiosity and confusion. Starting with – for one- what the heck is an “umbraphile.” Simply defined, it’s ‘one who loves eclipses and often travels to see them.’

To help the non-umbraphile’s out there, consulting resources like NASA’s glossary of Eclipse terms helps define these perhaps unknown known terms for the rest of the planet.

In 98 Days, the community’s surrounding  Jackson and Teton County, Wyoming will experience being on the path of totality during a Total Solar Eclipse. To be frank, this is a big deal in the astronomy world and in many ways, the global community. To help this community best prepare for the potential impact anticipated by increased visitors with a popular natural event , Town and County officials, along with Planning Partners are are hosting a free, public community event.

Teton Eclipse | A Total Community Event will educate and inform our whole community- businesses, community planners and individuals are all strongly encouraged to attend this event and learn more about what it means to be on the line of totality.

Get a great visual – to help illustrate that total path – it really speaks to the awesomeness of the confluence of being in a special place during a very special natural occurrence taking place from coast to coast across the United States this August 21, 2017.